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Why choose Dataedo?

Preserve knowledge about data

Preserve tribal knowledge about data in your organization. Don’t lose valuable knowledge with employees leaving your company.

Empower business users and bridge the gap with IT

With data catalog business users know what data they can ask for, how to read reports and understand key business entities and metrics.

Scale your data team and quickly onboard new hires

With a data catalog starting to work with a new data source is a piece of cake.

Get Ready For Data Protection Audits

Quickly find sensitive data stored in various databases and tag it in central data catalog.

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Take a product tour

Common objections answered

Many companies around the world right now are planning to build a data catalog and document their data, many of them were/are evaluating Dataedo for this task. Some of them hesitated for a number of reasons. Below is a collection of common questions and objections and our answers that can help you move forward with your project.

Answer: It doesn’t.

It’s true that data documentation can take a lot of time of your data experts (which is expensive), but with Dataedo you get value on day one. Dataedo scans your data sources, extracts data structures & metadata, and loads them into the metadata repository automatically. All you need to do is connect to your data source and wait for the results, which will allow you and your team to discover and understand the structure of your data.

In terms of financial investment, all you need to purchase is a license. Support and training are included.

Answer: With Dataedo you get value on day one

Documenting your data sources will be a process, but if you decide to use Dataedo, you will see value from day one - data structures and metadata, which will already give you a lot of insights about your data.

Answer: You don’t.

To use Dataedo you don’t need expensive specialists. You will get a dedicated onboarding manager, who will help you set up the tool, provide initial training, and ongoing support. Anyone who has knowledge about your data assets will be able to create documentation in Dataedo, they don’t need to be database experts.

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Answer: Most of our users do it in a couple of minutes.

If you have any problems, our onboarding manager will help you. We can also list what is required for your IT team, if you won’t be doing the setup yourself.

Our customers even mention in their reviews how easy it is to set up Dataedo:

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Read our reviews

Answer: You probably won’t (it’s that simple), but if you do, our stellar support team is there to help you.

One of the things our customers appreciate the most about Dataedo is our stellar support. You have your onboarding manager at your disposal at all times and a technical expert team to help you with more complex issues. You can receive support by submitting a ticket, contacting us on live chat or reaching out by email to your Dataedo contact. You also get 1 hour of our Product Expert time each quarter, that you can use however you want – for example to check Dataedo setup, examine feature utilization or get support during a video call. If that still doesn’t convince you, take a look at how our customers rate our support on Gartner:

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Answer: Your data is safe in your environment

Dataedo is an on-premises solution, you are in charge of keeping and protecting the data. We do not have access to your data.

Answer: Your source databases are not modified

All work is done in our metadata repository. We only connect to import metadata from your databases and your work does not modify those databases or data (with exceptions when you deliberately push some changes back to the databases).

Answer: Our software gets constant updates – we try to do a release every quarter.

We don’t just fix bugs – we try to make our software better every time. Only this year (2021) we have released support for data lakes, multiple new data sources, and data profiling feature. Next year we plan to release data lineage and a lot more. You are entitled to all updates, as long as you hold an appropriate license.

Our customers even mention updates in their reviews:

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Answer: You always have access to the metadata stored in Dataedo metadata repository.

Even after canceling the subscription. You can also export your documentation to interactive PDF and HTML, that are independent from the software and will stay with you forever. You can also get back to using Dataedo anytime you want after canceling, as long as you keep your metadata repository.

Answer: Our business is constantly growing

The company exist from 2002 and our product is developed since 2013. We are constantly growing in revenue and number of customers. Our business has been profitable for a couple of years. We love what we do and we don’t plan to stop.

Answer: We have been trusted by over 1,000 global businesses.

Including many of the Fortune 500 companies.

We have customers all over the world:

Dataedo has also been named a 2020 Gartner PeerInsights Customer's Choice for Metadata Management Solutions. Gartner recognizes vendors with not only high customer satisfaction rate, but also review coverage across different industries, company sizes and countries. This is why this recognition makes us especially proud.

If you would like to learn more about what our customers think of Dataedo, you can read our reviews:

Answer: We have a US team and we are present in the US market since 2015

We are based in Poland, in European Union, but we are have team in the US and over 300 happy US customers, including government administration, banks and insurance companies, corporations, software developers, hospitals and healthcare providers, and many more. Even rocekts are launched into space from US soil with their data cataloged by Dataedo. We are active in the US market since day 1 of our sales in 2015. In fact, US is our biggest market.

If you have any other fears or objections regarding Dataedo, book a discovery call. We will answer all the questions you might still have and help you discover if Dataedo is a right fit for your company.

Our customers usually regret only one thing:

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