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Help everyone in your team understand the data

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Searching for the data in all your databases – CRM, ERP, data warehouse, data lakes., can be a very tedious task. When you find the right tables, you still need to understand meaning and logic of specific columns/fields and joins with other tables. That task takes time and was probably done in your organization a number of times. Do not reinvent the wheel multiple times.

Create an interactive data documentation once and share it across organization.

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Build productive data teams

Help everyone understand your data

Help your team understand key business entities and metrics with data dictionary, business glossary and ERDs.
Stop wasting time on looking for data and figuring out the data schema.

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Dataedo productivity

Increase productivity of your team

Allow data analysts, data scientists, and business users to focus on getting insights from data with a single place to store all your tribal knowledge about data.

Empower new people to be productive on day one

Dataedo allows you to capture knowledge and share it with everyone so that onboarding new people on the team or starting to work with a new data source is a piece of cake.

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Share complete documentation in convenient format

Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo Web Catalog
Interactive web data portal

Self-hosted web portal for self-service data & building data community. Create a place where all people in your organization can go to find, learn about, discuss and contribute their findings about data.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo HTML Export
Interactive HTML exports

Easily export your documentation into lightweight and easily shareable interactive HTML documents. Self-host them on your drive or any web server.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
PDF & Excel Exports
Export metadata to PDF & Excel

Additionally, you can quickly export your documentation to PDF and Excel files.

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