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Improve quality and increase trust in your data

Understand where your data is coming from, peak into values itself to validate quality, and gather invaluable feedback from the community.

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Understand and improve quality of your data

Poor data quality is expensive - research shows that bad data is on average costing companies 30% or more of their revenue*. It can lead to drawing wrong conclusions from data, making bad business decisions and wasting precious time of experts involved in data analytics. Thankfully, all of this can be avoided with the help of data quality tools.

Data quality tools are helping to indentify, udnerstand and correct flaws in data to support effective business processes and decision making. One of such tools is Dataedo.

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Empower your organization with data you can trust

Easily identify data quality issues

Dataedo allows you to ensure data quality on multiple levels:

  • Identify where your data is coming form and how it is transformed through data lineage to evaluate its trustworthiness.
  • Use sample data to learn what data is stored in your data assets with data profiling and make sure that it is good quality.
  • Gather feedback on data quality from other data users through data community.
Data profiling
Data lineage

Test relationships with FK Relationship Tester

Verify relationships with FK Relationship tester. Prevent errors & inconsistencies in data, and save valuable time.

Reduce risk of bad conclusions & decisions

Avoid making bad conslusions from data that could lead to poor decisions costing your company millions of dollars. Provide context aroud data with data documentation, data lineage diagrams and community feedback through a lightweight data catalog. Give all employees who analyse data access to this catalog so they can better understand the data they are working with and reduce the risk of making errors.

Data lineage
Data community

Crowdsource feedback on data quality

Allow data users to post their feedback on data through a web data catalog. Add warnings to data assets of questionable quality so that other members of the data community know what to look out for. Create to-dos to make sure that necessary improvements actually happen.

Increase trust in your data

Increase trust in your data through community feedback. Dataedo Data Community allows users to comment on data and add ratings based on their experience with particular data assets. Don’t waste time on validating the same data multiple times - easily see if others already did that.

Data community
Business Glossary

Support data governance

Data quality is an important part of data governance. Dataedo helps data stewards to ensure high data quality through tools such as data lineage, data profiling, and business glossary. With Dataedo data stewards can easily check where the data is coming from, peak into the values itself and build a repository of rules and policies linked directly to the data dictionary.

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Stop making bad decisions based on poor data quality

Ensure high data quality and increase trust in data with a light-weight data catalog.