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Make everyone data literate with Dataedo Data Catalog

Build data literacy, democratize data and empower everyone in your organization to make better use of your data with lightweight on-premises enterprise data catalog.

Gartner Customers' Choice 2020
Dataedo has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Metadata Management Solutions. Read our reviews here.

Lightweight (but powerful) Data Catalog software

Catalog your enterprise data automatically

Document your data assets with aliases, descriptions, and custom fields.


bBuild a common language with Business Glossary

Build and popularize universal language of your organization with a glossary of business terms, concepts, and metrics. Map that language to the physical data assets in your catalog.

Visualize your data models with ER diagrams

Discover and document relationships between data entities and visualize them with automatically built diagrams. Give everyone a better overview of related entities from any point in the catalog.


Quickly find & discover data

Spend less time on searching for data across your organization's data assets (tables, columns, terms, modules, etc.). Effortlessly search your data and business terms with simple & advanced faceted search. Refine your search results to find very specific assets.

Ensure high data quality and simplify its usage with data profiling

Use sample data to learn what data is stored in your data assets. Understand the data better before using it and make sure that the data is reliable and good quality.


Get a complete view of the flow of your data

Visualize how your data moves through the system with Data Lineage feature. Understand where the data is coming from, where it is going, and how it is transformed. Create enterprise-wide visibility into data lineage diagrams through Web Catalog to improve data literacy and ensure transparency.

Manage permissions

Define roles in your Data Catalog with different sets of permissions. Choose who can access, view, and edit different parts of your catalog.


Build a community around your data

Data Community allows everyone to share their observations and to accumulate valuable knowledge in one place through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.

With these features people in your organization will be able to collaborate on data with less hustle and improved productivity.

Launch an MVP of your data catalog within a day

We provide a lightweight (but powerful) solution with low entry level and dedicated onboarding manager, so you can launch an MVP of your data catalog within a day.

Enable data-driven decision making

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    Free the data from gatekeepers

    For all those who could turn it into value and enable self-service analytics.

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    Empower business users and bridge the gap with IT

    With data catalog they will know what data they can ask for, how to read reports and understand key business entities and metrics.

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    Build a culture of sharing knowledge

    Preserve it within your organization. Don’t lose valuable knowledge with employees leaving your company.

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    Scale your data team efficiently and quickly onboard new hires

    With a data catalog starting to work with a new data source is a piece of cake.

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    Get Ready For Data Protection Audits

    Quickly find sensitive data stored in various databases and tag it in central data catalog

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Use cases

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Data Warehousing

Provide useful documentation of your data warehouse and facilitate better use of it throughout the organization.

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BI & Analytics

Remove friction of reporting and analytics by making data structures and data clear for everyone.

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Data Governance

Build and share metadata repository of data assets in your organization.

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Data Protection

Build a catalog of sensitive data you process in your organization.

Why our customers love Dataedo?

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What is a data catalog software?

Data Catalog is an inventory of all data assets in an organization. It uses metadata to help data users discover, understand and manage their data. Data catalog software is an important part of every data management strategy. It allows companies to build their own data catalogs to create a data culture, support data discovery and data governance.

Why having a data catalog is important?

Data is crucial to making informed business decisions. Without a data catalog many companies struggle with finding, understanding, and trusting their data. This usually leads to slowed down analyses, errors in reports, and making poor decisions. Data catalog provides a single, easily accessible place to store all the knowledge about data. This allows data analysts, data scientists, and business users to focus on getting insights & value from data, instead of searching for it and trying to understand it.

How does a data catalog work?

Dataedo Data Catalog is a web interface for day-to-day work for data users. It has all the capabilities needed to find and understand data, such as data dictionary, business glossary, ER diagrams, advanced faceted search and more. It is powered by a metadata repository - a database that stores all the metadata collected & managed by Dataedo. Most data in the repo is coming from Dataedo Dekstop - main interface for data stewards to catalog & document data, but Dataedo Web Catalog also has editing capabilities. Learn more about Dataedo architecture.

How do I start a data catalog?

To start a data catalog you need to install Dataedo Desktop, connect to your data sources and scan metadata, and then install Dataedo Web Catalog. This can be done within a day to produce an MVP. In case you need help at any point, our Onboarding Manager will be there to guide you and provide support.

Start your enterprise data catalog today

Provide self-service data access to everyone and simplify data discovery

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