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Collaborate on your data assets with less hustle and accumulate valuable knowledge about data in one place

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Dataedo has been named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Metadata Management Solutions. Read our reviews here.

Give everyone a voice with Data Community

Data Community allows everyone to share their observations and to accumulate valuable knowledge in one place through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.

With these features people in your organization will be able to collaborate on data with less hustle and improve productivity.

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Capture tribal knowledge

Sometimes, when browsing through descriptions in the Web Catalog you could encounter information that needs clarification. Users with permissions can edit titles, descriptions, and custom field values directly from Dataedo Web. Others who have the knowledge can post it as a comment.

Get answers from the community

Users of your documentation can ask and answer question directly in Dataedo Web interface and other members of the community can provide answers. Their discussions can be organized in threads for easy browsing.

Dataedo Web Community Questions
Dataedo Web Community Warning

Don’t answer the same questions multiple times

You no longer have to answer the same question about particular data assets to different people. You can simply post a comment or a warning to an asset in Dataedo Web, so everyone in your Data Community can have easy access to important information.

Improve documentation & trust in your data

Users can not only post comments but also rate data assets on a 5-point scale. This will help you identify areas that need improvement and create to-dos so things actually happen.

Dataedo Web Community Rating and To Do features

Key Features

Comment on your data assets

Add comments to data assets such as modules, tables, columns to provide easy access to important information about your data

Organize discussions in threads

Organize discussions in threads for easier browsing

Rate data assets

Rate data assets on a 5-point scale and improve the quality of your data

Post warnings

Add warnings to your data assets to avoid incorrect usage and errors in reports

Create TODO tickets

Create to-dos to keep your documentation up to date

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Collaborate on your data assets with less hustle and accumulate valuable knowledge about data in one place

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