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A central catalog and documentation of your data including Reference Data so that everyone can understand your data.

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What is Reference Data?

Reference data is data that helps categorize/classify/label other data. It’s sounds abstract but it’s really simple. Think about that every time you have seen a dropdown, checkbox or a radio button. This is usually used for simple classification. Reference data is commonly known by other names - codes, lookups, lists of values, enums or domains. It’s a subset of Master Data and should also be managed for better data quality, integration and analytics.

Examples of reference data:

Countries icon


Accounts icon


Currencies icon


Units of measure icon

Units of measure

Departments icon


Types (e.g. document) icon

Types (e.g. document)

Statuses (e.g. order) icon

Statuses (e.g. order)

Calendar (e.g. quarters) icon

Calendar (e.g. quarters)

and many more… icon

and many more…

Understand reference data (lookups, codes) with simple documentation

Define lookups and their values

Lookup is a collection of values/codes. Every database is full of lookups. Examples: currencies, country codes, document getTypes, order statuses and many more. Dataedo allows you to define those lookups and document their allowed values.

Explain codes/values

Allow everyone in your organization to understand reference data/lookup by explaining values with titles, descriptions and custom fields.

Extract values from database or define manually

Create a list of values manually or build lookups automatically from your data sources.

Link lookups to multiple columns

Define multiple instances of columns containing a particular lookup (think currency for example).

See value row count in each table/column

See popularity of particular values in specific columns to better understand your data and its data quality.

Load new values from the source

Dataedo allows you to load new values from the source database into a “For review” section.

Workflow for loaded values

Approve or reject values imported from the source.

Provide cleansing rules for rejected values

You can provide cleansing rules for rejected values that were imported from the sources (by mapping incorrect values to the correct ones). Use this metadata for data cleansing.

Link lookups glossary terms

Expand documentation of business terms by documenting it’s domain of values.

Improve data quality & reporting

All Reference data in one central repository

Document reference data from different columns, tables and data sources in a single place. Share complete data documentation with your team.


Understand data quality and define cleansing rules

Easily identify duplicates, wrong values and define cleasing rules for your source data.

Better reporting & analytics

Know what values are allowed for different columns. Identify mistakes in reports easily. 


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Start documenting your reference data today

Create a central documentation of reference data from all your data sources and distribute it across teams working with data in your organization.

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