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Mitigate risk of million dollar data protection fines

Easily find and classify sensitive data in your databases and ensure compliance of your databases with data protection regulations

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Make an inventory of all the sensitive data in your databases

Most governments around the world increase regulation around protection of personal sensitive data. Recently introduced regulations such as European GDPR or CCPA in California force businesses of all sizes to implement procedures on managing personal data.

Dataedo allows you to make inventory of your data and help find and classify data elements holding sensitive data, so that your organization can be aware where personal data is stored and is able to implement required procedures.


How Dataedo helps to meet data protection regulations?

Easily create database documentation

Build comprehensive database documentation so that everyone, including business, can understand it. Decrypt table and column names with business friendly aliases and provide meaning and purpose of data assets with descriptions

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Find and classify sensitive data

Dataedo finds fields holding potentially sensitive data automatically from entire data catalog using built in functions. You and your team can curate metadata tags manually.

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Grow awareness of data protection

Grow awareness of data protection in BI, development and everyone working with data. Provide complete documentation with sensitive data tagged appropriately.

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Support for multiple data protection regulations

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

California Consumer
Privacy Act (CCPA)

Personally Identifiable
Information (PII)

Your custom

Share complete documentation in convenient format

Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo Web Catalog

Self-hosted web portal for self-service data & building data community. Create a place where all people in your organization can go to find, learn about, discuss and contribute their findings about data.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo HTML Export

Easily export your documentation into lightweight and easily shareable interactive HTML documents. Self-host them on your drive or any web server.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
PDF & Excel Exports

Additionally, you can quickly export your documentation to PDF and Excel files.

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Mitigate risk of million dollar fines

Scan your databases and automatically find and tag fields holding personal data