Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x

Diagram below shows architecture of Dataedo platform:

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Dataedo Repository is a database that stores all the metadata managed by Dataedo. It can have one of two forms:

  1. Self hosted SQL Server
  2. Azure SQL Database

Metadata Connectors - Dataedo is shipped with multiple metadata connectors that connect to various database technologies, extract data structures and metadata and load them into the repository. There is also a generic ODBC connector. Full list is available here.

Dataedo Desktop is a main user interface for data stewards that populate catalog and document data. It is a Windows desktop application.

Dataedo Portal is an on premises, self-hosted web portal for easy and interactive access to the metadata stored in Dataedo data catalog, contributing to the community and documentation.

HTML export is a static export of Dataedo documentation to interactive HTML document.

PDF/Excel exports are documentation formats generated with Dataedo Desktop.

Administration Console is a Windows desktop application for managing repository users.

Data Catalog

Diagram below illustrates typical installation of Dataedo as Data Catalog:

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Local installation

Diagram below illustrates local installation of Dataedo for single user, without metadata repository and Web Catalog. Metadata is stored in a local file that can be easily exchanged. Documentation is shared with exports.

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